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  • Kicking a Man While He is Down

    Kicking a Man While He is Down

    In the Tao of Jeet Kune Do,Bruce Lee outlined several possibilities for kicking a downed opponent. The majority of them were debilitating. Some would likely be fatal. As with many other sections of his notes, this begins with the word "Study". There is something innately distasteful in the idea of striking a man who is down, much less making a concerted effort to discover the best practices for doing so.
    Yet there is also a sense of schadenfreude about it.
    Where in that do you find the balance? It is important to remember that while we train with friends, and spar, and compete in combat sports, at its heart, Jeet Kune Do is streetfighting. In a ....

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  • The Oneness of All Life

    The Oneness of All Life

    "The way to transcend karma lies in the proper use of the mind and the will. The oneness of all life is a truth that can be fully realized only when false notions of a separate self, whose destiny can be considered apart from the whole, are forever annihilated." The Tao of Jeet Kune Do This morning when I went to the river to work out and meditate, I had the chance to watch two large graceful cranes & a long-tailed weasel feeding among the rocks. A fellow created being, I felt very much at one with these creatures & grateful that God had placed me among them this morning. If I'm not separate from a crane or a weasel as I peacefully sit on a rock by a river, am I truly ....

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  • July 2020 Newsletter:  Welcome to the Dojo

    July 2020 Newsletter: Welcome to the Dojo

    July 2020 Newsletter
    What is a Dojo?
    During the period that Bruce Lee ran his schools, he used the English term “Institute” for his establishments. Institute brings with it connotations of higher learning, and with Bruce Lee’s emphasis on philosophy from the start, you can see why he might have selected this term. The undercurrents of Zen and Daoist philosophy, along with Christian thinkers, Western secular philosophers, and others are present in every class at Maryland Jeet Kune Do, so Institute can and certainly does apply to us. The Chinese characters on his signage were 國術館, gwokseutgun. That roughly translates as a building for the national ....

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  • Fluid Fans:  Filipino Martial Arts in Savage, Maryland

    Fluid Fans: Filipino Martial Arts in Savage, Maryland

    MDJKD members worked on combining fluid angled strikes with fanning Abanico attacks in this free flow Karenza. Kali, also known as Arnis or Eskrima, is the martial art of the Philippines. Kali emphasizes fighting with tools like sticks, knives, swords, improvised weapons, as well as empty hand techniques. It's origins draw from Filipino tribal conflicts, as well as being influenced by Spanish fencing, Malaysian Silat, and other arts. From tribal warfare through the Spanish occupation, up to World War II, Kali has been used to on the battlefield to protect homes and families in the Philippines. Today, its methods are useful when defending against blades and other weapons on the street. ....

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  • Peace, Justice, & Humanity

    Peace, Justice, & Humanity

    "The tools, your natural weapons, have a double purpose: 1. To destroy the opponent in front of you - annihilation of the things that stand in the way of peace, justice, and humanity. 2. To destroy your own impulses caused by the instincts of self-preservation. To destroy anything bothering your mind. Not to hurt anyone, but to overcome your own greed, anger, and folly. Jeet Kune Do is directed toward oneself." - Bruce Lee, "On Zen" The practice of Jeet Kune Do is not just a form of fighting. It is Engaged Zen. What we learn in our training, in sitting meditation, and in sparring, is meant to be practiced in our daily lives. Each and every interactions with someone, ....

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  • Only a Crystal Clear Question Yields a Transparent Answer

    Only a Crystal Clear Question Yields a Transparent Answer

    Last Thursday was Seokga Tansinil, the huge Korean festival celebrating the birth of the Buddha with lotus lanterns glowing everywhere. At Gakhwangsa, it was a huge annual event, with people from all over gathering. Raised a devote Christian, I was never what one person called "a Buddha Believer", but Latern Festival was definitely something I looked forward to. Tables of vegetarian Korean food & cakes would be set out & on that day, those who had dedicated themselves to practice were given the opportunity to receive the Five Precepts along with their Dharma name. Thirteen years ago, while five of my brothers took the Precepts, my teacher gave me an undeserved ....

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  • Strength & Love Aren't Separate

    Strength & Love Aren't Separate

    One of my students reached out to me on Monday night to let me know the past weekend had been a rough one for him & his family. A small, unrelated event had triggered him & that trigger put him in a place of blinding rage where all of his frustration and anger from dealing with the quarantine spilled out onto his family. He felt ashamed and hurt by his actions and wanted help. He asked for help meditating. I asked him to meet me at the bridge the next morning. While following social distancing guidelines, we hiked down the trail for a good mile or so, catching up and chatting about what we had been doing during the quarantine. We stopped at a set of ruins halfway ....

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  • Dark Minds (Jeet Kune Do Kali Martial Arts Savage Maryland)

    Dark Minds (Jeet Kune Do Kali Martial Arts Savage Maryland) "Once you break the precepts - even in your mind - then every imaginable misdeed will appear as well." - the Great Master of the Western Mountain Maryland Jeet Kune Do instructor JB MuSsang Jaeger solo training during COVID quarantine. This week, the focus was on head movement, entries, hand switches & twirling for single stick, and playing with Richard Bustillo's Iron Dragon Boxing sequence. ....

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