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  • Training Safely for Lifelong Improvement

    Training Safely for Lifelong Improvement

    A couple months ago, I posted this quick clip of two of Maryland Jeet Kune Do's instructor team, Abra & Hannah, working on some light sparring for their Street Kickboxing Game. They were working angles, high and low strikes, and other concepts at about 10-15% contact energy, with the idea of "touch and not be touched". The video got decent traffic on-line and was shared by our Guiding Teacher, Burton Richardson, and even received a thumbs up from MMA legend & action movie star Randy Couture himself. When it was shared in a Facebook group supporting the Martial Arts Sparring Club of Maryland ( you can check them out here ), it received several encouraging and complimentary ....

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  • Encountering Ourselves to Move Onward (A Maryland Jeet Kune Do Mission Statement)

    Encountering Ourselves to Move Onward (A Maryland Jeet Kune Do Mission Statement)

    A couple weeks ago, a man applied to join Maryland Jeet Kune Do, here in Millersville. He said he was very passionate about JKD, and had several DVD sets from various other Jeet Kune Do instructors. Each one he named had marketed themselves as a "street fighter", "trainer of hardcore military killers" or otherwise wrapped themselves in the mantle of "the warrior" without having ever actually waged war on anyone. Having met many of these men, and trained and been mentored by a couple, I knew that while there may have been a kernel of truth to their claims, their marketing had often blown things very much out of proportion. Everything about this potentional member, from our phone ....

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  • Spilling Tea in Swordfighting

    Spilling Tea in Swordfighting

    The other night in Kali class here in Millersville, Maryland we were working a power generation drill from the Battlefield Kali: Sword curriculum. The drill involved blocking your feeder's attack and immediately responding with a hard slicing stroke to a padded kicking shield. The motions used in the drill were developed and refined from our guiding teacher Burton Richardson's full contact fighting experience as a founding member of the Dog Brothers, and draws greatly on his knowledge of the Kalis Illustrismo system. One of MDJK's senior members was having difficulty working the drill, and it wasn't because he lacked skill as a swordsman. In fact, he is a very experienced and skilled ....

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  • The Pain of Quitting & Failure

    The Pain of Quitting & Failure

    You started the year strong. That first week of 2020, you were in the gym every day. You said no to the beer, to the cake, to staying up late and binge watching another episode on Netflix. The next week, you missed one workout, but you had a good reason. You were a little tired the day after that, because you'd stayed up and had another drink with a friend. The week after that, you noticed that you were on your third slice of pizza with extra cheese, but hey, it was your niece's birthday party, so that's ok. Last week, you didn't hit a single target. You thought about working out, but that program you were doing at home was boring. You at like crap all week. All of those failures ....

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  • Kids Learn Focus With Martial Arts at Maryland Jeet Kune Do - Millersville

    Kids Learn Focus With Martial Arts at Maryland Jeet Kune Do - Millersville

    Lack of focus is one of the biggest obstacles a child can encounter. Playing tee ball as a child, I was that little boy in the outfield looking at the birds overhead instead of playing the game, more interested in imagining myself as Superman or Luke Skywalker, flying through the sky toward outer space. All of that would lead to teasing from the other kids when I wasn’t even paying attention to the ball that rolled to my feet. Their words stung, and my confidence took a plummet. I was a naturally curious little boy whose mind was constantly running all over the place, learning everything I could, but that didn’t necessarily show in my ability to pay attention in ....

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  • February 2020:  Vows for the Year of the Rat

    February 2020: Vows for the Year of the Rat

    A Vow for the Year of the Rat
    "How do you become stronger, smarter, faster, healthier? How do you become better? How do you achieve true freedom? There is only one way. THE WAY OF DISCIPLINE." - Jocko Willink If we can develop discipline, we can achieve things we previously believed were impossible. As we begin the New Year, we often set goals and resolutions for ourselves. The difference between achieving these aims and not achieving them comes down to one thing. Discipline. Goals and resolutions are one thing, but a vow is something even greater. I didn't make a resolution when I married my wife. I vowed to nourish and cherish her to the point of being willing ....

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  • Espada y Daga Hand Sparring (Kali Filipino Martial Arts Severn Maryland)

    Espada y Daga Hand Sparring (Kali Filipino Martial Arts Severn Maryland)

    Chuck and Jason enjoy a match of Espada y Daga hand sparring between classes at Maryland Jeet Kune Do, near Severn. The different length between a stick and a dagger force the mind to think differently about movement, strategy, and application. Here, they are only targeting the hand, a concept in Filipino martial arts called Defanging the Snake. ....

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