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    Self-Sufficiency Means No Fear

    Last month, Sihing John travelled to Kembativz Brand headquarters in Virginia to take part in Kelly McCann’s Sudden Violence workshop. Unlike every other martial arts weekend seminar I had attended, this was not about learning new techniques or tricks, but rather a gut check and trial by fire, an exposure to the sudden violence, the unexpected, the reality of ambushes on the street. Through various experiences and scenarios involving batons, hoods, multiple opponents, strobe lights, stun guns, and being tossed into dark rooms with people ready to jump you at a moment’s notice, we had the opportunity to test our awareness, our training, and our mentality through situations ....

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  •  in Millersville - Maryland Jeet Kune Do - Daily Discipline

    Daily Discipline

    At the beginning of the year, I began a 3 month project to achieve 3 goals I had set for myself. I laid out a plan to get myself there by the end of March. I broke down the work into easily measurable steps. Each step would be easy to achieve, if I did the work continuously and didn’t fall off. Lately though, I have found myself in a pattern of beginning the work to achieve these goals but faultering and falling off the daily efforts to keep going. After a couple more weeks of inattentiveness, the once achievable goal is now insurmountable within the time frame I had originally set for myself. Might as well quit, right? It seems discouraging, but when you think about it from ....

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