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  • Know, Apply, Will, Do

    Know, Apply, Will, Do

    I had a phone call this morning from someone who I thought might have been interested in our Adult Martial Arts classes here near Odenton, Maryland. It was a phone call I get at least once a week, each time from a different person, but each time, I know within moments how the conversation will go and how it will end. When most prospective applicants call MDJKD, they ask questions regarding logistics. Who teaches the classes? What do I need to bring? When are the classes? How do I apply for membership? These are the questions of someone who is looking for the knowledge they need to apply, because they have the will to do so. Often times, this person knows little to nothing about ....

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  • Teaching Kids Respect Through Jun Fan Gung Fu

    Teaching Kids Respect Through Jun Fan Gung Fu

    At the beginning of every Kid's Martial Arts class here at Maryland Jeet Kune Do near Odenton, students practice a formal salute to their instructor called a Ginglai. As they step on or off the mat, they salute the space where they training. Before they partner up with a fellow student to work on their techniques, they salute their partner. At the end of each class, they formally salute their parents who have arrived to pick them up. This simple act of courtesy shows respect toward their instructors, the space they practice in, their fellow classmates, and filial piety toward their parents. It draws from the Chinese philosophies that underpin Jun Fan Gung Fu; Confucianism, Daoism, and ....

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  • The Key to Freedom in the Martial Arts

    The Key to Freedom in the Martial Arts

    Over the weekend, members of Maryland Jeet Kune Do’s Chinese Boxing Team attended a scrimmage session of the Maryland Sparring Club at the Dragon Academy of Martial Arts in Lanham. The session was open to martial artists of all styles and matches were available under all rulesets; from BJJ to Taekwondo to Boxing. The MDJKD team got in several matches against various training partners and acquitted themselves well. There is an old saying in Taiji, “Invest in loss”. I observed a highly skilled member of a different school spar under an MMA ruleset. I mentioned to Jason, a member of the MDJKD team, that this was ....

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    I get it. I really do. After all the training and teaching yesterday, the last thing my body wants to do is get out of bed in the morning. That snooze button addiction is a real thing, but like all addictions, the high just isn’t enough in the end. It cannot beat the feeling of conquering my first adversary of the day, my own weak will & desire to give into the aches, the tiredness, to roll over & slack. So, I start my day not by surrendering, but by claiming victory. I start my day by sweating. Some days it’s a HIIT cardio workout. Some days, it’s core strength conditioning. Some days, it's just stretching and shadowboxing. Some ....

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  • Achieving Impossible Goals with the Martial Arts

    Achieving Impossible Goals with the Martial Arts

    One of the most awesome things about running a Jeet Kune Do center is helping people achieve things they never believed were possible. We have a group of students in our adult self-defense classes near Odenton, MD who have been with us for about the past six months moving toward taking their first test in our JKD Unlimited curriculum program. Six months ago, none of them would have been able to, for reasons individual to each of them. Some were out of shape and would not be able to last through the rounds of testing. Others were in shape but were unable to perform the necessary skills smoothly under pressure. Others hadn’t developed the mental temerity to be able to ....

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  • Warrior Focus

    Warrior Focus

    I start my morning in a relatively routine way so that I can prepare myself for whatever challenges and struggles I may face once I walk out my door. After getting up, my first task is getting back in touch with my body with a quick workout and sweat. Then I’ll finish that off preparing my body with a green smoothie so I can make sure I’m fueled with all the vegetables I’ll need for the day. After weaponizing my body, it’s time to forge my mind. I’ll sit down and practice a form of Zen meditation I learned while living at Gakhwang Temple, very similar to the meditation that Sijo Bruce Lee talks about in his notes found in the Tao of Jeet Kune Do and ....

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  • Achieving Success with Kickboxing

    Achieving Success with Kickboxing

    We have an extremely dedicated student in our Jeet Kune Do and Jun Fan Kickboxing classes named Lynden. He shows up to four sessions a week, and never slacks off. No matter the drill or topic, he puts forward his best effort. We are blessed to have many students like him at Maryland Jeet Kune Do in Millersville, but last Thursday night was one night that Lynden’s hard work and time under pressure paid off. While working on partner kicking drills, he had one of those moments where concepts he had been trying to learn finally all clicked into place, and his hip movement and footwork all came together and made the new kick he was learning, the revers figure from Savate, became ....

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  • Mastering Your Will

    Mastering Your Will

    We worked on self-protection drills against opponents throwing haymakers and sucker punches last night in our adult self-defense class in Millersville, MD, At first we focused on the technical aspects of performing the techniques; covering, clinching, throwing knee strikes, snapping your attacker down, taking his back, & choking him out. These are all very good techniques. They take skill and precision to perform. However, after a round or two of practicing the sequence, we put aside skill development. Feeders added in verbal engagement like trash talking, shoving, and attacking at random times. Now, the drill wasn’t about performing good technique. It was interesting to ....

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  • Helping Kids Make a Positive Impact with Martial Arts

    Helping Kids Make a Positive Impact with Martial Arts

    A couple weeks ago, we took a team to the Tian Shan Pai Legacy Tournament in Hunt Valley, Maryland, to compete in Chinese boxing. One of our youngest was 7 years old, and this was her first competition ever. After several months of training, she did a great job of moving and throwing punch and kicks, but unfortunately did not win her initial match, and was eliminated from the further competition. She ended up taking 5 th place. Losing her first match was positive because it gave her an opportunity to learn and grow. At Maryland Jeet Kune Do in Millersville, when it comes to sport competition, especially in our kid’s martial arts classes, we do not take the mindset of ....

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  • Encouraging Kids Through Martial Arts

    Encouraging Kids Through Martial Arts

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is not a name we readily associate with martial arts, nor do we think of German Romanticism as having an influence on Sijo Bruce Lee, yet Goethe is the writer from whom Sijo quoted when he said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” After all, in addition to being an artist who studied philosophy, Goethe was also a trained fencer. Perhaps it is no surprise then that Sijo was inspired by him. What other wisdom can we gain from this German Romantic philosopher-poet on the path of Jeet Kune Do? Goethe was a German civil servant, diplomat, natural philosopher, novelist, playwright, and poet of the German ....

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