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I get it.

I really do.

After all the training and teaching yesterday, the last thing my body wants to do is get out of bed in the morning.

That snooze button addiction is a real thing, but like all addictions, the high just isn’t enough in the end.

It cannot beat the feeling of conquering my first adversary of the day, my own weak will & desire to give into the aches, the tiredness, to roll over & slack.

So, I start my day not by surrendering, but by claiming victory.

I start my day by sweating.

Some days it’s a HIIT cardio workout.

Some days, it’s core strength conditioning.

Some days, it's just stretching and shadowboxing.

Some mornings, it’s an hour.

Others, when there is a ton on my agenda, it’s fifteen minutes of pure concentrated combat being waged on my body and my will.

No matter what, I prepare for my day by finding the power in defeating the weakness in me that says “Today, you can take it easy, you don’t need to train.”

No amount of sleeping in and then rushing to work after loading up on coffee will ever conquer that.

Wake up.


- Sifu JB

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