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January 2020 Newsletter

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January 2020 Newsletter


Dear brothers and sisters of the MDJKD Community,

I wish each and everyone one of your a happy and relaxing holiday season.

As the Center closes for the holiday season, we are taking time to begin new year with strength and vigor.  2020 promises to bring many opportunities for training and growth, physically and spiritually.  I am thankful for every day of 2019 that I have been privileged to train with each and every one of you.  For those of you who have finished your first yr with us, I hope that you have felt welcome in each session.  For those of you who are finishing your second, third, fourth, tenth year with us, your commitment and continued dedication have been a blessing.

Our 2020 events schedule is rapidly filling and I am excited for all of the things to come.

As we begin, let us approach this New Year as we are taught to approach Jeet Kune Do, with the idea of mastering the will.

In December of 2020, what will you be able to say you have accomplished?


JB MuSsang Jaeger




The Thursday mid-day class sparring at the end of class. Abra, Bryant, Dylan, and Larry are working on scoring groin slaps in open hand kickboxing, knees in clinch, and rocking chair guard to keep a standing attacker away.


Closed for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, December 24th & 25th

Closed December 30th through January 1st

Normal schedule resumes on Thursday, January 2nd

Boxing Day Open Sparring Session
Thursday, December 26th, 10am to 12pm

January Seigan
Saturday, January 18th, 10am to 1pm

February Seigan
February 22nd, 10am to 1pm

Helping Everyone In Savage, Columbia and North Laurel Get Fit, Stay Safe, And Have Fun!

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