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Come On, Give Them a Pat on the Back

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Come On, Give Them a Pat on the Back

Earlier this week, I received a testimonial from a long term student of Maryland Jeet Kune Do, Abra Burkett.  Abra is a skilled martial artist who has grown in leaps and bounds over the time I have known her.  After almost five years of training, she is ready to move forward with the next stage of her journey, as a stunt performer and instructor of martial arts movement for performers in film, stage, and television.

Her words of gratitude were very touching, and so I shared them on social media along with a video of Abra sparring with Hannah, another MDJKD member.  Later that evening, Burton Richardson, shared the video on social media with praise for the ladies' performance.  Burton Richardson is my teacher and the founder of JKD Unlimited.  He complimented Abra and Hannah in front of a worldwide audience of instructors, professional fighters, and celebrities of the martial arts world.  You can see that video by going to our YouTube page here.

I don't know how it is for you, but there were few things more damaging to me than being stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and self-criticism.  It was almost impossible to move forward in life when my own mind kept me from making those steps I needed to take.  It can be even more horrible if you are surrounded by people who fuel your self-doubt by criticizing you and beating you down spiritually.

When your will is broken down and crushed, it can seem next to impossible to achieve anything in life.  You'll look at others and feel like you could never be able to do what they can in the gym.  Doubt will keep you from being fully present in the relationships you have, or keep you from believing you are worthy of love.  You stay stuck in jobs and occupations that don't meet your needs, much less your goals.

Without confidence and assurance, changing your life can seem impossible.

Consider the possibility that with confidence and will, your ability to change your life can seem limitless.

An indomitable will gives you the assurance to achieve boundless growth, surpassing your goals for your fitness or mastering the skills of your martial art.  Confidence in yourself gives you the strength to be open and vulnerable and connect in love and relationships because you know that you have worth.

"Give recognition where it is due.  Compliments definitely stimulate more effort and desire to improve.  Recognize and compliment each student accordingly to stimulate his desire to improve.  Be generous with honest praising.

True, we are holding the standards of Jeet Kune Do high - but definitely not out of reach.  As each new skill is perfected, raise the goal." - Sijo Bruce Lee

A few words typed on a screen, a click of a button, a pat on the back, or a brief conversation can mean all the difference in the world to someone needing that encouragement.  Many people come to the martial arts full of self-doubt or self-criticism.  In your own life, I am sure you know someone like this.

Where in your life can you find the words to encourage someone to keep going, keep striving, tell them how much you appreciate their efforts, or tell them how much they inspire you?

My friend, if you are that someone, it's time for you to join a group of people dedicated to a way of life and a movement toward will-power, self-control, enlightenment, and intution by heading to Maryland Jeet Kune Do.com right now.

- JB MuSsang Jaeger

Helping Everyone In Savage, Columbia and North Laurel Get Fit, Stay Safe, And Have Fun!

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