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Kids Learn Focus With Martial Arts at Maryland Jeet Kune Do - Millersville

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Kids Learn Focus With Martial Arts at Maryland Jeet Kune Do - Millersville


Lack of focus is one of the biggest obstacles a child can encounter.

Playing tee ball as a child, I was that little boy in the outfield looking at the birds overhead instead of playing the game, more interested in imagining myself as Superman or Luke Skywalker, flying through the sky toward outer space. All of that would lead to teasing from the other kids when I wasn’t even paying attention to the ball that rolled to my feet. Their words stung, and my confidence took a plummet.

I was a naturally curious little boy whose mind was constantly running all over the place, learning everything I could, but that didn’t necessarily show in my ability to pay attention in school and get my chores done at home. I wasn’t a bad kid, but I couldn’t focus at all, and the shame I felt at the bad grades and disappointing my mother was immense.

My mother knew there had to be a way to keep my natural curioisity inspired while still teaching me life skills that would help me in my schooling and home life. She believed it was possible for me to be true to myself and be successful in all areas of my life.

What she did for me turned my childhood around and became the defining influence on my life. The boy who never turned in his homework in elementary school graduated from college and became a successful business owner, travelled all over the world meeting, learning, and sharing knowledge with incredible people.

From the first day she put me in a martial arts class, I was forever changed. Jeet Kune Do took me from a childhood of chaos, disappointment, and shame to a life of confidence and focus.

Let your child learn the skills that will enable them to live a life on their own terms, full of confidence and focus. Contact me at 410-353-2387 or at https://marylandjeetkunedo.com/classes/Kids-Martial-Arts

JB MuSsang Jaeger

Helping Everyone In Savage, Columbia and North Laurel Get Fit, Stay Safe, And Have Fun!

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