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The Pain of Quitting & Failure

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The Pain of Quitting & Failure

You started the year strong.

That first week of 2020, you were in the gym every day.

You said no to the beer, to the cake, to staying up late and binge watching another episode on Netflix.

The next week, you missed one workout, but you had a good reason.

You were a little tired the day after that, because you'd stayed up and had another drink with a friend.

The week after that, you noticed that you were on your third slice of pizza with extra cheese, but hey, it was your niece's birthday party, so that's ok.

Last week, you didn't hit a single target.  You thought about working out, but that program you were doing at home was boring.  You at like crap all week.

All of those failures add up.

Might as well just give up on those goals because you were just going to fail anyway.

The pain of failure can be debilitating, but the pain of quitting reverberates throughout our lives.

It becomes a mindset that effects who we are in our relationships, who we are in our careers.

Consider the possibility that the power and discipline you develop saying no to that second slice is the power and discipline that will propel you further in your career.

I don't know how it is for you, but my experience has been that getting back on my feet after failure brings me greater power than I ever had before because it gives me the opportunity to learn from that failure.

Quitting after a failure internalizes guilt and shame because I refuse to look at what actually happened.

But if I take a moment to look at that failure, I can see what wasn't working, and adjust my plan as I move forward once again.

So, that workout program that was boring?

Change it up.

Do something different twice a week.

That restrictive diet that leaves you unsatisfied?

Try a new healthy recipe this week.

Where in your life are stuck in a cycle of boredom and quitting that a little variety might help spur you on toward your goals?

And my friend, if you are looking for a workout program where every session is different, with new challenges, and a motivated family of classmates and instructors to help you achieve your goals, head to marylandjeetkunedo.com today.

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