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Only a Crystal Clear Question Yields a Transparent Answer

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Only a Crystal Clear Question Yields a Transparent Answer

Last Thursday was Seokga Tansinil, the huge Korean festival celebrating the birth of the Buddha with lotus lanterns glowing everywhere.

At Gakhwangsa, it was a huge annual event, with people from all over gathering.

Raised a devote Christian, I was never what one person called "a Buddha Believer", but Latern Festival was definitely something I looked forward to.

Tables of vegetarian Korean food & cakes would be set out & on that day, those who had dedicated themselves to practice were given the opportunity to receive the Five Precepts along with their Dharma name.

Thirteen years ago, while five of my brothers took the Precepts, my teacher gave me an undeserved gift, surprising me with the opportunity to become an instructor of Cheolryun Gwonbeop, Iron Wheel Boxing, a method for training martial arts and Seon as one, what I like to call Mixed Martial Meditation.

I have to admit that over the years, I have hardly lived up to that honor, yet being able to share what I have learned in order to help people has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Iron Wheel Boxing has formed the essential foundation of the internal side of our martial arts training here at Maryland Jeet Kune Do in Howard County, Maryland.

This morning, I meditated on a discussion between Hyeam-seunim and Chunseong-seunim.

Venerable Hyeam-seunim closes the discussion by quoting the Ancients, "Only a crystal clear question yields a transparent answer."

On any given day, but especially during these trying times, it is incredibly easy for my mind to run away with me & take me to all kinds of places.

I have great ideas, I have horrible ideas.

I have anger, rage, depression, happiness, excitement.

I have all these things that I think I need to do, and all those things that I think I want to avoid.

I have solutions to problems, but am I seeing the problems as they truly are, or am I creating problems that don't even exist?

"Only a crystal clear question will yield a transparent answer."


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