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Peace, Justice, & Humanity

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Peace, Justice, & Humanity

"The tools, your natural weapons, have a double purpose:

1.  To destroy the opponent in front of you - annihilation of the things that stand in the way of peace, justice, and humanity.

2.  To destroy your own impulses caused by the instincts of self-preservation.  To destroy anything bothering your mind.  Not to hurt anyone, but to overcome your own greed, anger, and folly.  Jeet Kune Do is directed toward oneself."

- Bruce Lee, "On Zen"

The practice of Jeet Kune Do is not just a form of fighting.

It is Engaged Zen.

What we learn in our training, in sitting meditation, and in sparring, is meant to be practiced in our daily lives.

Each and every interactions with someone, whether friend, loved one, or antagonist, is a chance for practice.

The point of Jeet Kune Do is not getting in shape or learning how to fight.

The point of training in Jeet Kune Do is gaining the ability to address the issues that affect us and the community around us.

This requires becoming stronger than we may have been before and learning the lessons that come from fighting.

The opponent in front of us isn't a person.

Even if we must actually struggle against someone, our intent is not to hurt them, but to remove the thing that motivates them; violence, injustice, and hate.

We begin to do that by examining ourselves and our selfish thoughts, actions, and desires have played a part.

By working together with each other each session, by colliding with each other in sparring, yet helping each other improve, by training both for ourselves and for our partner, we learn to overcome our own greed, anger, and folly.

Jeet Kune Do is directed toward ourselves so that we can destroy the things in front of us that stand in the way of peace, justice, and humanity.

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