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Fluid Fans: Filipino Martial Arts in Savage, Maryland

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Fluid Fans:  Filipino Martial Arts in Savage, Maryland

MDJKD members worked on combining fluid angled strikes with fanning Abanico attacks in this free flow Karenza. Kali, also known as Arnis or Eskrima, is the martial art of the Philippines. Kali emphasizes fighting with tools like sticks, knives, swords, improvised weapons, as well as empty hand techniques. It's origins draw from Filipino tribal conflicts, as well as being influenced by Spanish fencing, Malaysian Silat, and other arts. From tribal warfare through the Spanish occupation, up to World War II, Kali has been used to on the battlefield to protect homes and families in the Philippines. Today, its methods are useful when defending against blades and other weapons on the street. Maryland Jeet Kune Do is proud to give everyone from the Savage Mils area the opportunity to engage with this ancient martial art and train with confidence! To learn more about the MDJKD Kali program, click here: https://marylandjeetkunedo.com/classes/Kali


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