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Single Leg Attacks

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Single Leg Attacks

Today's Tao Study comes from the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Expanded Edition, page 129

The Tao of Jeet Kune Do records five single leg attacks that Bruce Lee made note of.

  1. The Back Trip, which is then followed with a groin strike
  2. The Forward Trip, which is then followed with a side strangulation
  3. The Smash, also followed with a groin strike
  4. The Snap/Paak (same Chinese character as in Paaksau) & Heel, which is followed with a leg lock.
  5. An unlabeled tripping takedown, that is followed with a groin kick.

One interesting characteristic about each of these recorded throws is that they all involve entering outside the leg being attacked, rather than inside.

That may not be the case in the Paak Throw, it is slightly unclear from the illustration, and the application makes more sense inside, but can still be done outside.

I find his selection of these takedowns, with the emphasis of being outside the leg interesting.

I learned the equivalent of each of them in sanshou, but all from inside the opponent's legs, not outside.

The Tao is also unclear as to how the leg hold was obtained; a shoot or a kick catch.

I feel this discovery is significant, because being outside your opponent's leg places them at a greater disadvantage when it comes to countering your throw because it requires them to turn into the direction of the leg you are gripping, against the direction of their hip.

It would require a different set of entries than what I have trained.

Getting outside of an opponent's side kick is one likely entry, especially with 1 & 2.

- MuSsang


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