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The Distance Between You, The Problem, and the Solution

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The Distance Between You, The Problem, and the Solution

"The FIGHTING MEASURE is the distance which a fighter keeps in relation to his opponent. It is such that he cannot be hit unless his opponent lunges fully at him." - The Tao of Jeet Kune Do

The understanding of your personal fighting measure in relation to your various sparring partners is absolutely crucial to your development in Jeet Kune Do.

Learning how to read and maintain the distance between you and your partner and placing her at your measure forces her to play your game.

If she is unable to hit you unless she lunges across the measure, you are forcing her to take a committed action toward you, enabling you to intercept her motion with greater ease.

When we encounter problems in life, we are much more likely to succeed when we have an understanding of our relationship to the problem in front of us and set the conditions necessary for our success.

We are much more likely to achieve our fitness goals when our workouts are planned, we have a set time for them, and coaches and team mates to encourage us.

We are much more likely to stick to a diet when our meals are planned and we have removed any junk food from our fridge and pantry.

We are much more likely to pray or meditate when we have set aside a fixed time to do so and have a community around us to support that practice.

Where in your life are you encountering a problem you can't solve because you don't understand your relationship to it?

What can you do today to set the fighting measure between you and that problem?

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