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The Most Advanced Type of Fighting

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The Most Advanced Type of Fighting

Last night after class, a student approached me with a great question.

"It feels like we've been covering more complex material lately.  Do you feel like we are advancing?"

Fresh off of a workshop series with Burton Richardson, we had been covering multiple attacker drills and sparring games this week, certainly not a "beginner" topic.

Fighting one person can be challenging enough.  Just watch any mixed martial arts competition.  Fighting off two or three or five attackers at the same time certainly must require more "advanced" techniques and concepts than that, right?

Yet, like every other class at Maryland Jeet Kune Do, beginners were right there, training alongside more experienced students on the same concepts and techniques.

Technically, there was very little advanced about the class in the typical sense.  The majority of it was footwork, the same kind you would see in basketball players or soccer players.  There was some head movement, faking, and defensive covering.  We only worked on one punch, the cross.

Yet it was, in some sense, a very challenging class where everyone worked hard to apply the lessons they were learning.

Bruce Lee wrote in the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, "Any elementary offense or defense through proper strategy and ring generalship may, under the right conditions, be used in the most advanced type of fighting."

What the students were working on last night wasn't advanced techniques or combinations to defeat multiple attackers.  It was just the basics.  What they were learning though, was how to use proper strategy and ring generalship to move, not get caught, and escape.

Where in your life are over-complicating an already complicated situation?

What can you do today to better apply a simple solution in order to find freedom?


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