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Endless Beginnings

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Endless Beginnings

It’s a theme every year, usually towards the end.  A celebrity dies, or some other tragic or emotive event occurs, and we blame the year for it.  We’ve been doing that a lot more in 2020, and for good reason.  We’ve had a pandemic, economic collapse, civil unrest, political turmoil, and probably a few things I am forgetting.

Many of us have suffered losses; of friends and loved ones.  They were here and now they are gone.  We have lost jobs or businesses.  The things we had thought we would be able to build our future on and support our families are gone.

All of those things aren’t going to go away just because the clock turns over at midnight   It’s too easy to blame 2020.  The Dao tells us that all of these things have happened before and they will all happen again in the endless reversals of birth and death, light and darkness, peace and conflict.  Politicians and leaders cannot stop it.  Science and medicine won’t change it.  Life will go on as it will and so will we if we can learn to change with the change.

As the year draws to a close, I have been studying a book on the Dao from the 2nd century called the Huainanzi.  Bruce Lee quoted from it in his notes on several occasions.  The Huainanzi predates what we know of today as religious Daoism but forms the foundation of much of Daoist philosophy that inspired Bruce Lee.

In the Huainanzi, commentator and translator Evan S. Morgan writes, “Life is a revolution; there is nothing for glorification and nothing for mourning…the candle may burn out, but there has been no loss: change of form has been the only consequence….there is a persistence and continuity in all things.”

In learning how to change with the change, we can become changeless.

In the face of all of this, it has been an incredible year for the Maryland Jeet Kune Do family.  The strength and compassion that we have shown each other has overwhelmed me at times.  Whether it was meeting by the river one on one to talk and meditate during the first lockdown, the everyday work and support as we trained together in our new Dojo, or the amount of winter clothing we gathered to help the local homeless, our lives changed and we changed with it.  Our commitment to each other remained changeless.

Everything around us has been in turmoil and fallen apart, and that will happen again.  Practicing Jeet Kune Do allows us to find the possibility of moving through it all, of adapting to new circumstances and new challenges, and rising through them.

Where in your life have you realized that it's time to change in order to remain true to who you are?

What is something you can you do make that change?

My friend, if you are looking for a new way of life amidst all the changes that time brings, contact us at Marylandjeetkunedo.com today.

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