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We Need Emotional Content!

In the middle of the night, I woke up after two hours of restless sleep, went downstairs, and pulled out my Ipad.

I spent the next three hours scrolling through various social media feeds and distracting myself with video games until I felt tired enough to go back to sleep.

When I did fall asleep, it was restless, as my brain and my eyes were still caught by the flashing images playing on that blue screen in the dark.

I slept passed my normal wake up time, accomplished far less yesterday than I otherwise could have, and basically went throughout my day in a sedated funk.

This morning, when I woke up after a solid eight hours of restful sleep,

I was angry at myself for wasting yesterday.

I took ownership of the facts of the situation I had created for myself.

So, after my morning meditation, I sat journaling my thoughts, and wrote out exactly how I felt, exactly what I thought of myself, holding nothing back.

It was certainly negative, my inner critic is a massive asshole.

But f I denied the way I felt, if I told myself that my anger was wrong, I would just be suppressing it.

Suppressed anger always comes back later, usually resulting in self-harm and sedation, or gets taken out on others.

Writing those words and speaking them to myself allowed me to then pivot and see the truth behind my anger.

Yesterday, I didn't accomplish my goals.

Today, I want to accomplish my goals.

I could let my anger at myself simmer, and hold me back today, but that would make things even worse.

Or, I can admit my anger, and use it as the emotional content I need to fuel me to accomplish my goals today.

Where in your life are you angry at yourself for something you have or haven't done?

What can you do today to admit and speak that anger and find the truth behind it?

My friend, if you want to learn how to transform your anger into emotional fuel, contact us at Marylandjeetkunedo.com today. - MuSsang


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