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The Law of Cause and Effect

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The Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect. — Every circumstance of every man’s life is the result of a definite cause — mode and control are yours. - Bruce Lee

When you realize that you are the cause of how you react to the circumstances that affect you, then you are able to take control of your life.

When you take control of yourself, your problems get solved.

Placing blame on others, or relying on circumstances outside of your control for excuses will not solve your problems.

Embodying this realization can be a harrowing experience, because it means facing the choices we have made to act or remain inactive.

It means checking our ego and allowing our pride to be wounded in the face of our own failings.

Recognize that you were always in control, one way or another.

Even if you let your life spin out, even if you let someone take charge, accept that you had control enough to make that decision.

As heartbreaking as that can be, inside the pain of that realization is the key, the weapon that will bring you victory.

If you were in control then, you are in control now.

You must be completely real with yourself and face the bare facts of your circumstances and see them as they are, not how you want them to be.

Let yourself feel the raw emotions that those circumstances cause you; whether that is rage, anger, irritation, guilt, sadness, happiness, or gratitude.

Then decide on what the outcome is.

What is the change that you need to see in your life?

If an action or behavior isn't going to line up with that outcome, then you need to own that.

Take control.

Act with your outcome in mind.

And watch your circumstance change.

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