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You weren't ready.

You were caught off-guard when the attack came, and that sucker punch rocked you off your feet.  Maybe it was a literal attack from a committed attacker, or maybe it was a situation in your life, a break-up, a death of a loved one, or a loss of a job that completely shook you to the core.  Either way, something you were completely unready for has changed your life forever.

So easily defeated, your confidence is shattered, and while you know that there are things you believe in and desire for, you find yourself unable to take a stand for them.

You can't look your significant other, your friends, or your family in the eye anymore.

At work, you find yourself taking the worst assignments, putting up with a boss who rides you every day, and unable to make the sales you need or finish that project to the best of your ability.

You thought you were ready, but honestly, what work had you done on yourself to prepare?

My friend, I don't know how it is for you, but having been sideswiped and sucker punched in life both literally in figuratively, I have found that the best way to overcome your fear and regain your confidence is to be prepared.

See your confidence was broken because you didn't have a mind and a body that was ready to deal with the impact of what life was going to throw at it.

In the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee said, "Proper posture is a matter of effective interior organization of the body which can be achieved only by long and well-disciplined practice."

I cannot expect myself to just be able to act correctly in a given situation.  I must have put in the work ahead of time in order to achieve a good posture from which I can move, stand, strike back, struggle, and overcome.

You cannot guarantee success unless you have already put in the time and effort that has placed you in a position from which your success is guaranteed.

Bruce Lee said that proper posture is a matter of effective interior organization.

In more crass terms, pull your head out of your ass and get yourself together.

Your interior must be effectively organized in order to effectively deal with exterior situations and conditions.

Stance work, forms, and shadow boxing are all methods of effectively organizing our physical selves used in Jeet Kune Do practice.

Sitting meditation and Observing the Word Meditation are the effective methods we use to organize our mental selves.

All of these methods take long and well-disciplined practice, which is the translation of gongfu.

My friend, if you are looking to gain the confidence that comes from a strong physical and mental posture, go to marylandjeetkunedo.com and sign up now.

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