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Achieving Success with Kickboxing

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Achieving Success with Kickboxing

We have an extremely dedicated student in our Jeet Kune Do and Jun Fan Kickboxing classes named Lynden.  He shows up to four sessions a week, and never slacks off.  No matter the drill or topic, he puts forward his best effort.  We are blessed to have many students like him at Maryland Jeet Kune Do in Millersville, but last Thursday night was one night that Lynden’s hard work and time under pressure paid off.  While working on partner kicking drills, he had one of those moments where concepts he had been trying to learn finally all clicked into place, and his hip movement and footwork all came together and made the new kick he was learning, the revers figure from Savate, became effortless for him.

Lynden, like every on the path of Jeet Kune Do, has strengths and weaknesses.  He has concepts and techniques that come naturally to him, and others he struggles with.  His work with the revers paid off not because he demanded that he be good at it, but because he was busy doing the work each day to build himself into the kind of man who moves well enough to perform a revers figure.

Henry David Thoreau, the 19th century American philosopher once said, “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

If you spend more time looking at the scale and being worried about making weight instead of being busy eating healthy meals and exercising daily, you’re focused on the results before you’ve done the work to achieve them.  It’s easy to get frustrated when the pounds don’t come off as soon as you want them to or you’ve reached a plateau in your in your training that you can’t seemed to get through.  Frustration can lead to giving up, or it can be a voice telling you to get back to focusing on what you need to do today instead of what may happen in the future.

There is a tendency to think that meditation is just going to lead us to this absolutely blissful place where everything is rainbows and unicorns, when in reality, you can be waging war on yourself as you sit there.  Emotions and memories can be brought up, or you just find yourself unable to focus because you didn’t get enough sleep.  The solution isn’t to give up and say, “I can’t practice jwaseon,” it’s to just keep at it, sitting every day.

This lesson applies to our relationships better than anywhere else in life.  Marriage, romance, friendship, family…none of them have an endgame. There’s no moment where you can declare “I have won this marriage!”  It takes daily work of investing in your partner, of showing them your gratitude for what they do for you, for sharing your love with them, and honoring them.

In business, whether we own our company or work for someone else’s company, we often have goals, quotas, metrics, or objectives we need to achieve.  But if we are more focused on the what we need to achieve instead of the how we need to do it today, we often find ourselves getting closer and closer to those deadlines without having made any progress.  A result require a cause, and our work in each moment brings about that result.

Where in your life have you been more focused on looking for success instead of getting busy doing the daily work?

What are you committed to doing this week to get that work done?

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