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At Maryland Jeet Kune Do, we're committed to helping our young students develop skills for all aspects of life, including self-defense and physical fitness. Our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Millersville surround students with positive role models and offer hands-on instruction in the art of Jeet Kune Do. 

We help students ages 9-14 learn the art of fighting - without fighting.

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Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Help Students All Across Millersville Thrive

We know how important it is to keep our children active. And we're making it more exciting than ever for them to do it. Our Kids Martial Arts Classes include new exercises and challenges every class. And we keep students motivated with a progression of new skills. 

We're here to teach our students that fighting is not the answer, using the philosophies and practices first established by Bruce Lee himself.

At Maryland Jeet Kune Do, children all across Millersville can:

  • Develop balance and coordination
  • Build strength and agility 
  • Learn core self-defense skills 
  • Establish lifelong habits of physical activity

And Don't Forget: We're Preparing Students For All Aspects Of Life

At the end of the day, the physical skills we impart on our students are important. They create a foundation for everything we do. 

But our goal is to go beyond just the kicks and punches and self-defense strategies. We're here to help students all across Millersville develop well-rounded tools like communication and teamwork and respect for others. 

No matter what path your child takes in life, they'll quickly learn to rely on the skills we build at Maryland Jeet Kune Do to find success in everything they do.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes can help your child:

  • Improve their focus and attention to detail
  • Persevere through every challenge
  • Learn discipline and self-control
  • Face life with unwavering self-confidence

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At Maryland Jeet Kune Do, we are committed to the art of self-defense designed by Bruce Lee and past down for generations. And we're excited to share those tools with young people all across our community.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Millersville can help students of all backgrounds thrive. Just fill out the short form on your screen to see it for yourself!

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