Take On Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do In Our Adult Martial Arts Program

At Maryland Jeet Kune Do, our Adult Martial Arts program is built around the practices and philosophies established by Bruce Lee. We're helping men and women of all backgrounds challenge their bodies and their minds and have a great time in the process. 

As Bruce Lee once said, "The tools are..to destroy anything bothering your mind. Not to hurt anyone, but to overcome your own greed, anger, and folly."

Whether you're interested in learning effective self-defense skills or you're hoping to lose weight and stay in shape, we've got you covered.

Why Is Our Adult Martial Arts Program Right For You?

We know people train for different reasons. Everyone has different goals and priorities. But no matter what you're hoping to achieve when you join us at Maryland Jeet Kune Do, we're ready to help you make it happen.

Our Adult Martial Arts program offers the best blend of fitness and self-defense training with a focus on helping you learn new skills and challenge yourself every single day.

Join us in Savage and Columbia and take on:

  • Total-body strength and agility
  • Effective self-defense skills for any situation 
  • Improved heart health and endurance
  • A great sense of accomplishment after every single class